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Communicate with clarity and confidence

General Business English

Gain the essential English abilities every professional needs to succeed in presentations, negotiations, and other business interactions.

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Tailored Professional English

Receive English training customized to your industry needs, from Aviation English to Technical English and service-oriented language for Hospitality, Sales and Customer Care.

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Digital Communication

Master digital communication with precision and clarity. Lead virtual teams and manage daily interactions effectively across all platforms.

Global Interaction Skills

Engage confidently across cultures, understand diverse communication styles, and build successful international relationships.

Benefits from working with me

20+ years of Business Experience

Benefit from my 20+ years of hands-on experience in leading roles across various sectors and my interactions with international clients. Gain practical communication skills that meet the real-world demands of today’s professional environments.

designed with you, for you

Each training program starts with a detailed assessment to identify your specific needs. Together, we’ll sit down and plan your training, ensuring it is personalized and directly addresses your and your team’s real-world challenges.

Training that fits your schedule

Get flexible training solutions that fit your learning preferences and schedules. Choose from a variety of options including face-to-face sessions, online courses, self-study programs, and intensive workshops with on-demand content.

Performance-based Learning

Experience training that goes beyond learning English to transforming your professional behaviors and enhancing performance. Gain the confidence and skills needed to excel in your professional environment.

What my clients say

My name is Vicky Margari

With experience in various industries and sectors including Insurance, Customer Care, and Hospitality, I know firsthand the challenges of using English in business. I have top qualifications for teaching English, but it’s my real-world experience that makes all the difference.

In my career, I’ve met many experienced professionals who find it hard to get their ideas across in international settings. I know what makes global communication tough, and I have ways to make it easier. I will help you speak and understand English confidently, no matter where you are or who you’re talking to.

So, why choose me? I bring a blend of practical experience and teaching know-how to the table. My goal? To tailor my lessons to fit you – whether you need industry-specific lingo or just want to feel more confident in those global team meetings. With me, you’ll get the English skills that matter to your world.

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