Jump 4 English

12 things you can do NOW to become an autonomous learner


Don’t lose your contact with English!

Practice even for 10-15 minutes a day – it’ll still make a huge difference.

Check my list below, choose at least one site (or app) and take charge of your learning!

  1. Practice your listening skills the fun way: with songs!

  2. Work on your pronunciation or practice listening to different accents with YouTube videos and quizzes.

  3. Improve your ‘telephoning’ English with the 100 most useful telephoning phrases.

  4. Read the latest news in English at your own level.

  5. Check your grammar with Business English grammar exercises.

  6. Do you ever wonder what ‘drop me a line’, ‘for the sake of’ and other idiomatic expressions like these mean? Visit this link to learn and practice with this set of flashcards I’ve created for you.

  7. Do you like podcasts? Subscribe to BBC’s 6-minute English.
    There’s new vocabulary and a transcript to study, while you listen, and each episode offers lively, authentic discussions on different topics.

  8. Would you like to improve your writing skills? There’s a free tool offered by Cambridge, which suggests corrections and evaluates your writing, moments after you’ve finished writing, and submitted your piece. Talking about some Artificial Intelligence!!!

  9. Find out what your level in Business English is by taking this free online test on the Cambridge Assessment site. It takes only about 10 minutes, and it shows your results immediately.

  10.  Do you remember at school when the teacher would do dictation and everybody sighed in exasperation? Dictation is a powerful tool to improve listening skills and it doesn’t have to be boring. Just visit this site, choose a video according to your level and start typing!

  11. Are you interested to know about the latest trends and innovations in business presented by the innovators and scientists themselves? Then Ted Talks is for you. A variety of topics and engaging presenters in short or long videos, with transcripts and subtitles.

  12. Learn English with real news videos, transcripts and activities for all levels and goals- or for pleasure- with SensationsEnglish.com.


Keep coming back because this list will keep growing!