Jump 4 English

8 Amazing Games you can play NOW

to learn or review vocabulary and grammar

1. English for telephoning

Learn and practice by doing this interactive activity. Click play and, then, click on the 4-arrows icon on the bottom right of the screen to enable full-screen mode. The game begins. Firstly, you’ll see 10 coloured boxes with key phrases. Next, the first category/function will glide in front of you. Choose the sentence that best matches the role of each one. Keep matching until no more sentences are left. You get 5 chances if you slip, and you have 5 minutes to complete the exercise.

2. British versus American English – Crossword

3. Past Simple Irregular verbs – Balloon Pop

4. A game for restaurant staff : ‘Taking reservations on the phone’. The sentences are mixed. Can you put them in the correct order before the time runs out? Check your telephoning skills! (Put a nickname to see yourself on the leaderboard)

5. A game to test your English for tourism and hospitality. Choose the correct word that matches the definition. Can you do it in under 5 minutes? (Put a nickname to see yourself on the leaderboard)

The words and definitions were taken from the Glossary section of Oxford’s Highly Recommended 2 by Trish Stott and Alison Pohl. If you want to study and learn the complete set of words (200!), click here .

6. Phrasal verbs matching game.

7. Customer care – Useful verbs crossword

The verbs and example sentences were adapted from the Useful Vocabulary section of Oxford’s Express Series – English for Customer Care by Rosemary Richey.